From Feeding America

Between your holiday parties, family obligations and the pressure of finding the perfect gift, this time of year can go by in a flash. But as a compassionate person, we know it’s important to you to give back during the holiday season. Below are seven easy ways to do just that by helping people struggling with hunger.

1. Set up a donation box. Get crafty with your kids to make your own food donation box in your home — all you need is a sturdy cardboard box and some craft supplies. Make sure to check out this list of items that food banks need the most. Then in the weeks leading up to the holidays, encourage your family to slowly fill the box.

2. Make a difference online. There are lots of ways that you can help people facing hunger from the comfort of your own laptop. Beth Moncel from Budget Bytes recently gave us some great ideas – from fundraising on Facebook to posting photos of a volunteer event – your actions will inspire friends and family to join you in the fight against hunger.

3. Know the need. Across the country, Feeding America member food banks are working to address the specific needs in your own community. From home deliveries to seniors to fun programs for kids in need, there’s a program out there that is waiting for your help.

4. Teach your kids about hunger. The holidays require extra time to pause and be thankful for everything you have. Help your kids learn to be grateful and grow empathy for others by teaching them about children who are facing hunger.

5. Give a gift with meaning. We can’t ignore that this is the season for giving, and often that results in an endless search of gifts for loved ones. This year consider donating to Feeding America in honor of your friends and family. You will be spreading the love twice as far by giving meals to families who are in need and giving your loved one a meaningful gift.

6. Express your gratitude. It’s important during this busy time of year to pause, reflect and share what you are grateful for. Post a note telling us what you are thankful for this season. Frye will donate 10 meals for every message posted up to 100,000 meals.

7. Volunteer! Grow your heart three sizes this year by giving just a few hours of your time to your local food bank. It won’t cost you anything, but the feeling of helping your neighbors in need during the holiday season is priceless.